Mahler Forum

for Music
and Society

für Musik
und Gesellschaft

Creativity, Inspiration and Retreat

From July 1 to July 3, 2022, the second Mahler Forum for Music and Society will explore the time-honoured cultural technique of the artist retreat. This year's theme of creativity and inspiration, particularly in spaces of retreat, is conceptually rooted in Gustav Mahler's Composing Hut in Maiernigg.

For three days, visitors are invited to participate in the festival's open think space, where, together with the panellists, artists and musicians, we will trace, discuss and envision the theme of creativity and space from different perspectives. From music and visual art to literature and philosophy to the natural sciences – with this transdisciplinary approach we aim to create new versions of future social practices.

Henry David Thoreau, forefather of civil disobedience and icon of the ecological movement, or Virginia Woolf and her seminal essay "A Room of One's Own" serve as starting points for an exploration of creativity, inspiration and the yearning for autonomy that comes with it. How can we apply these energies to current social conditions?

The music programme is curated by Morten Solvik and Thomas Hampson. It will feature the Orchestra of the Earth and young singers and will be interwoven with keynote lectures and panel discussions. Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein and section.a will curate this years' artistic interventions in and around the Composing Hut in Maiernigg. New programme points of the 2022 festival will include a composition commission awarded in cooperation with the Gustav Mahler Private University as well as guided tours of local artist studios on an open studio day.

More detailed information on the 2022 Gustav Mahler Forum will be available in Spring 2022.

Cooperation Partners of the 2022 Mahler Forum:
Gustav Mahler Private University for Music, Klagenfurt; Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt; Mahler Foundation; Musil Institute; Musikgymnasium Viktring; Robert Musil Museum; University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna; Kultur Stadt Klagenfurt; Kultur Land Kärnten; Research Centre Gustav Mahler Toblach.